What burns at the end of the world? Bodies? Bridges? Calories?

Liv Ello and Frankie Thompson present deeply strange, confoundingly funny dark duet of electric, eclectic, unspoken-word about the meeting of dysmorphia, dysphoria, and dystopia.

Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Frankie and Liv play versions of Barbie and Ken, trying to work out who they are in a world that has disintegrated around them. The show combines theatre, comedy, lipsyncing, video and soundscapes to explore and interrogate societal pressures around body image, and how capitalism and consumerism contribute to those pressures. It’s a universal piece with central themes that many people will recognise, but it’s also deeply personal, drawing on the performers’ own experiences of body dysmorphia, anorexia, gender dysphoria, queerness, and the trans experience. A high-energy, off-kilter style of performance to entertain, confront, disturb and engage their audience, exploring big themes without spelling them out




Liv Ello

Frankie Thompson

Kunstnerisk hold

Liv Ello: Writer & Performer

Frankie Thompson: Writer & Performer

Lily Woodford-Lewis: Technical Design

Thick and Tight: Associate Directors

Cara Evans: Set Designer

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