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Alexander Vantournhout er en af de mest markante yngre kunstnere på den internationale nycirkusscene – og i forestillingen Red Haired Men præsenterer han intet mindre end fire stk. højenergiske, unge mænd med helt uforlignelig præcision!

En forestilling, der bider sig fast i en, og skaber et humoristisk univers på grænsen mellem dans, akrobatik, cirkus og teater. Originalt, dygtigt – et must see!

Selv skriver Vantournhout om forestilllingen:

“On the thresholds between dance, acrobatics, circus and theater, Red Haired Men creates a universe where wonder and humor are never without risk! Red Haired Men is a group performance inspired by the absurd poetry of Daniil Kharms, leading light of the 1920s of the Soviet avant-garde.”

Og pressen skrev:

Four high-energy players display intricately performed duets with incredible precision. They disappear and return unnoticed, to the point of exhaustion, showcasing the weak nature of the human condition in a highly physical yet playful manner.” – Scèneweb

“All highly original choreographies that stick to your mind immediately. After ANECKXANDER and Raphaël, this is already the third hit in a row for Alexander Vantournhout, our most talented circus artist.” – De Morgen

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Winston Reynolds, Axel Guérin, Ruben Mardulier/Antoni Androulakis, Alexander Vantournhout

Kunstnerisk hold

Choreography and concept: Alexander Vantournhout

Creation and performance: Winston Reynolds, Axel Guérin, Ruben Mardulier/Antoni Androulakis, Alexander Vantournhout

Dramaturg: Kristof van Baarle

Choreographical eye: Anneleen Keppens

Theatre coach: Jan Steen

Outside eyes: Lili M. Rampre, Esse Vanderbruggen

Magical advice: Tim Oelbrandt

Construction: Willy Cauwelier

Technique: Rinus Samyn/ Bram Vandeghinste

Company manager: Esther Maas

Photos: Bart Grietens

Contact & touring:

Pressecitater og anmeldelser

Photos :

Video/trailer : Red Haired Men – Trailer:
Red Haired Men – Full version (Vooruit): (password: danniil charms)
The first part is spoken in a Dutch dialect, but of course, Alexander adapts his language when touring. This part will be in English if we would play in Denmark.

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Red Haired Men obtained some nominations in the French and Belgian press:
Selected by Scèneweb as Best Circus Show of 2018 (FR)
Selected by Knack as one of the 10 Best Shows of 2018 (BE)
Selected in the « Best of 2018 » by Klara (BE)