Genre: Dans2018/201975 min. incl. pause

Re-Dream – the dilemma and beauty of dreams

2 dance solos, supported by 16 local dance students.

Re-Dream is exploring and revealing different ways of dealing with dreams of the future. Dreams that can help us, and prevent us, from living the life we want.

In the first act Antoinette explores the different roles of dreams throughout a lifetime. Dreams have the power to create ideas and visions. They are a motor, giving power to change. But at some point in life there often arises a wish for peace from the motor – a dream of being present and available. And maybe the most important aspect of dreaming during adult life is learning to let go of dreams and to let life happen to us.

In the second act Taneli is hunting one of his dreams. Something he couldn’t do by himself. He needs to modify his dream to make it come true. Sometimes it will take 11 years or more to get the courage to face it. Finding the right tools, so you can be honest and make it true in your own way.


75 min. incl. pause


Choreographers & Performers: Antoinette Helbing & Taneli Törmä

Corps de ballet: At each performance place Taneli works with approximately 16 local dance students that are taking part of his piece.

Kunstnerisk hold

Light designer: Mårten K. Axelsson

Sound designer and composer: Erik Schrøder Christoffersen & Tchaikovsky

Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich

Artistic mentor: Catherine Poher

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